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And when she wakes up

This one goes out to visitors who don't speak Dutch, and especially to Lauren, my Uptonia girl, living in her (not-so-)white bread world (if you remember Billy Joel, I’m sure he’s somewhere in his sofa with slippers and arthritis round about now). I actually was the most exciting thing that happened in her life a couple of days ago, ME, poor thing :-) ! Fortunately she has a way with words and a blog to bitch about it. But seriously, reading her is fun, try it, and her artwork isn’t shabby either. Yes, Lauren, my weblog is in Dutch, but that does not mean I am. Even though I spent a couple of years there, but it wasn’t all that. I know that to you guys Amsterdam is this great place, where anything is allowed, but you’d be surprised how much you’re annoyed by all kinds of petty rules if you actually live there. Dutch is just something we speak around here as well (and we’re not altogether unfamiliar with x and d’s and r&r either). Remember Belgian waffles? Yep, that’s us, we sincerely apologize for all the calories. Apart from that we invented the saxophone and maybe you’ve heard of a surrealist called Magritte ? We still get a little crazy every once in a while. We also got some bad press lately because your asses were sued in our country for attacking Iraq and sheriff Rumsfeldt wasn’t amused. Not sure we apologize for that stunt. Belgium is this itty-bitty little country stuck between the Netherlands, the Frenchies and the Germans. We were put there a long time ago so those guys would stop fighting ‘n all :-), a lot of good that did. Basically they just cut a little slice out of all three countries and threw ‘em together, that’s why were stuck with three national languages. Which we all speak fluently, of course, though the different language communities get on each other’s nerves a little some (or most) of the time. But all in all it’s home, and I like it ! As far as this weblog goes, it's not really about my life like yours, but basically a linkdump with reviews on all kinds of artsy and culture stuff (as a trial run for a website I’m working on). A lot of the links are to English pages, but there’s also some exclusively Belgian stuff (theatre, concerts…) There is an English translation tool near the bottom in my right column, but it’s crappy, really. Feel free to try it, though, it’s a hoot ! You can’t understand half of what comes out but it’s pure poetry :-p. I especially love the way it translates words which WERE in English in the first place. In the ‘cabaret’ article below, for example, it translates ‘stand-up comedy’ into ‘position-plain fizzy drink’, God knows why, and ‘Hurray!' becomes ‘Whored!’, somehow just not that catchy, or is it ? Makes you wonder how what I’m writing now will turn out, can’t wait ! Just click here to try it out.

Image: [US Dpt. of State]

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Hurray! Wow, I'm just imagining a whole crowd of people watching a baseball game or something, and instead of yelling 'Hurray!' they all yell 'Whored!

Good times.

That post was a hoot, and is probably going to be the final exciting thing from my day. Almost as exciting as realizing why my site tracker shows a ton of English to Dutch translations as referrals to my site.

Suddenly the world makes sense again :)

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Billy Screamed And yes it did it again, Billy Joel becomes Billy Screamed, how appropriate, and I become a fattened exciting thing, but that poodle does not mean I am !

Gepost door: Beckett | 20-07-03

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